Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is this thing on?


Sorry I have been missing.  School and life caught up with me.  I am back and just in time for the Xgames.  I'll be posting updates soon.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Apologies to the World

Hey everyone...sorry I haven't been blogging.  School has been kickin my ass.  I should be back at it in a week.  I will be trying to post a few posts a week about skiing.  I haven't left you...just need a break.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In case you care...

Going green tends to be quite the fad if this interests you check it out...

Top 10 Green Ski Areas

2010-11 Top 10 Greenest Ski Areas

1. Squaw Valley, Calif.
2. Park City, Utah
3. Alpine Meadows, Calif.
4. Aspen Highlands, Colo.
5. Aspen Mountain, Colo.
6. Buttermilk, Colo.
7. Deer Valley, Utah
8. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
9. Sundance, Utah
10. Bogus Basin, Idaho

Top 10 Least Green Ski Areas

2010-11 Top 10 Least Green Ski Areas

1. Breckenridge, Colo.
2. Sun Valley, Idaho
3. Arizona Snowbowl, Arizona
4. Taos, New Mexico
5. White Pass, Wash.
6. Copper, Colo.
7. Brundage, Idaho
8. Solitude, Utah
9. Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, Nevada
10. Brian Head, Utah


Tanner Hall drops THC (Tanner Hall Collection).  Yeah you know it...Tanner Hall is back on skis and you can see it.  The first lookat at Tanner's new webisode series, the Tanner Hall Collection (THC) dropped Thursday night on Tanner's site  The edit shows T slicing up Utah pow and getting thrown off kickers....some people thought they might never see the great T hall shred again.

Tanner isn't competing in Winter X, but he is for sure in Aspen chillen with the homies.  He is promoting Inspired.  Inspired puts out a weekly radio and web tv show.  RASTA BABY

Tanner's my boy so you better support!

Men's Ski Superpipe Results

I don't know if any of you goons tuned into espn to watch a crazzzy men's ski superpipe battle.  Yater-wallace....a 15 year old was an absolute monster out there coming in 2nd place and becoming the third youngest child to ever compete in the x games and the youngest kid EVER to medal. Way to go mang...

Here are the results:

Final - Jan. 28, 2011
RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
Kevin Rolland | Video Watch13.0070.6693.6693.66
Torin Yater-Wallace | Video Watch14.6687.6692.6692.66
Simon Dumont | Video Watch45.3390.3373.0090.33
4Duncan Adams54.3386.009.3386.00
5Thomas Krief83.3317.0020.3383.33
6Justin Dorey65.3360.0031.3365.33
7David Wise56.6614.669.6656.66
8Xavier Bertoni31.3339.0040.6640.66

Friday, January 28, 2011

High Fives Foundation

High Fives Foundations helps kids like you and me recover from horrible injuries and get back out on the slopes and shred it up.

I dig it

High Fives Non Profit Promotional video from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.

Ashleigh McIvor Ski Season Over :-(

Ashleigh McIvor, a Whistler Ski Cross racer, has torn her ACL.  She was training for the X Games in Aspen, CO and blew her ACL out then and there.  She blew the same knee out (ACL in the left knee) in 2005.  Fortunately for McIvor...she was able to win an Olympic gold medal for Canada.  Good luck on the recovery McIvor and we hope to have you back out there.

I had to post this picture bcuz it makes me smile lol

I feel ya with the ACL's I have gone through 2 myself!

Womens Ski Superpipe Results Final

Final - Thu. Jan. 27, 2010
RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
Sarah Burke | Video Watch12.6691.3387.6691.33
Brita Sigourney | Video Watch6.3386.0070.6686.00
Roz Groenewoud | Video Watch75.3380.0084.0084.00
4Anais Caradeux80.6682.3336.0082.33
5Jen Hudak43.3378.0060.0078.00
6Devin Logan68.3351.0068.3368.33

Way to kill it Sarah!

Stay tuned at because in 5 mins the X Games start up again!